First Post!!! #helloworld


What’s up everybody!!! So I am new to this whole blogging thing and I thought I would introduce myself! So my name is Kevin, my life pretty much consists of binge-watching on the latest tv shows and movies that are out there. I am a sucker for blockbuster movies, but I also like a few independent films. As for TV shows well since Marvel & DC is doing an AMAZING job taking over the world I pretty much watch any show that they produce along with other comedy/reality/drama shows. I’m not going to name them all because it would just be this GIGANTIC list of top favorite to least favorite movies and TV shows that I like. 🙂 I spent thousands of dollars on a college degree and now I’m drowning in student loan debt with no idea of how to pay it back! 😦 On the brighter side, I have worked for some really AWESOME companies throughout my career such as NBCUniversal, AichG, Make-A-Wish CT, ICON International, Yale New Haven Hospital, and many more!! Hey, you ONLY live once so you might as well work for an AWESOME company rather than a mediocre one! During my time off, you can find me on Xbox, I play A LOT of COD and Destiny so if you ever want to team up just message me on here and will go RULE THE WORLD…..I mean kick some ppls asses for FUN! XD So that’s pretty much it hopefully I covered everything, but if anyone needs help with finding media and entertainment opportunities or you just want to game or chat message me, I will respond as quickly as humanly possible!! 🙂


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