NBCUniversal has one temporary career opportunity available as a C2C Coordinator in the NY/Stamford area & they also have the NexTech Associates Program for anyone who is interested in becoming the next generation of IT leaders in the media and entertainment industry!

Image Credits: NBC Studios/mcdaniel.edu

NexTech Associates Program Info.: NexTech Associates Program is a two year development program that provides NexTech Associates opportunities early in their career to gain real world experience and exposure to one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies at NBC Universal.

If you are interested in the NexTech Associates Program, send a DM to Wade Smart (Talent Acquisition Manager at NBCUniversal) or referrals of any recent college graduates who have a degree in computer science, IT, or any related majors on LinkedIn!

NBCUniversal Campus 2 Career Coordinator Opportunity!!!!

Company: NBCUniversal

Title: C2C Coordinator (temporary one year contract)

Location: NYC/Stamford, CT

Department: Campus 2 Career (Human Resources)

Email: Regina.Villegas@nbcuni.com


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