Want to jumpstart your career in the gaming industry? ZeniMax Media Inc., who publishes some of the most creative games in the industry such as The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, QUAKE, Fallout, Wolfenstein, & Dishonored has a few entry level positions available throughout multiple locations!

Image Credits: ZeniMax Media Inc./logodesignblog.net

Company: ZeniMax Media Inc. (Bethesda)

Title: QA Tester Intern

Department: Quality Assurance

Location: Rockville, MD

Link: http://jobs.zenimax.com/requisitions/view/68

Company: ZeniMax Media Inc. (Bethesda Game Studios)

Title: Quest Designer

Department: Design

Location: Rockville, MD

Link: http://jobs.zenimax.com/requisitions/view/75

Company: ZeniMax Media Inc. (id Software)

Title: Temporary Play Tester

Department: Quality Assurance

Location: Richardson, TX

Link: http://jobs.zenimax.com/requisitions/view/607

Company: ZeniMax Media Inc. (Bethesda Game Studios)

Title: Game Programmer

Department: Programming

Location: Rockville, MD

Link: http://jobs.zenimax.com/requisitions/view/76

Company: ZeniMax Media Inc.  (Arkane Studios France)

Title: Animator

Department: Art

Location: Lyon, FR

Link: http://jobs.zenimax.com/requisitions/view/797


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