Only 47% of grads are fully employed? What about the other 53%?!!!!!! #Ridiculous

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Most grads don’t know this or refuse to face reality, but once you enter the workforce, you literally have to start all over again! Think of it as prestiging in Call of Duty minus the cool weapons & perks! It SUCKS, I KNOW! Employers do want millennials to work for them, but they want YOU to help solve THEIR problems! It doesn’t matter if you went to a fine school or have an impressive GPA, employers are evaluating you on whether or not you have hustle, curiosity, & the ability to add value within a business environment. I wish I was told this back in college, but seems like its one of those things colleges do not want to talk about until AFTER you graduate! Smh, we all learn someday right?! :/

So what do you guys think after reading this article? Sound off in the comment section down below!



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