Shark Tank Star Daymond John is looking to hire an in house digital & social media team in NY, LA, & MIA! #GMN #ThePeoplesShark

I’m guessing the best way to apply is by reaching out to him on any of his social media channels? :/  

Im looking to hire for my in house digital team in NY, MIA and LA. I’ve had the good fortune of employing amazing people from all types of backgrounds. I’ve employed everybody from Harvard Grads to public school drop outs. The common traits that I have found in the most successful people are common sense, drive, morals, a team player mindset, takes responsibility, makes no excuses, willing to sacrifice and a burning desire to not let the system beat them!I want to continue to give opportunity to people like this. I will be posting over the next couple of weeks opportunities for my followers to submit their resumes to me. 

I could easily go to head hunters, agencies and snatch people from other companies. 

Before I do that I said to myself “I’m suppose to be #ThePeoplesShark, Why don’t I reach out to those that support me first and give them a chance?”

Well, here is your chance!!!

The beauty of the digital world and social media is that You don’t have to have a fancy resume or history at a big company. You just have to convince my team that you have the history, skill and mindset to navigate social media, understand how to communicate a lifestyle and have a Sharks work ethic! 

I can come up with fancy titles such as Digital Pr, bloggers, seo pros, content providers, lifestyle architects & merch specialist. All of those titles sound great. However, this opportunity is perfect for the person that knows a little bit about everything. 

I have Global brands, Shark Tank companies, celebrities & influencers we represent. Here are the type of ppl I am looking for:

If you are a person that has had moderate success with your brand or another brands that didnt have much behind it & would kill it if you had the opportunity to work with well known names. Then this is for you! 

If you are a person that worked under somebody at a cool online brand & was in charge of converting on line sales every day. Then this is for you!

We will be take applications on line in person. We will have live interviews in MIA, NY & LA. You Must be of employment age & you must live in NY, LA, MIA

**If you want a head start on the others. Then let me know who you are now!

Good luck!



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