If you are not familiar with Gawker Media then I feel bad for you because they are the publisher of some of the web’s best-loved brands and communities such as Gizmodo, Deadspin, Kotaku, Jalopnik, io9, Lifehacker, and Jezebel! Now they are seeking candidates to come work for them in their GORGEOUS SoHo office in NYC.

Image Credits: Gawker Media/http://pixel.nymag.com/


Company: Gawker Media

Title: User Interface Designer

Department: Technology

Location: NYC

Link: https://boards.greenhouse.io/gawkermedia/jobs/73892?t=u7bpev#.VbT1gPlVhBd

Company: Gawker Media

Title: Support Associate

Department: Technology

Location: Budapest

Link: https://boards.greenhouse.io/gawkermedia/jobs/76371?t=u7bpev#.VbT0DvlVhBc

Publishing Services

Company: Gawker Media

Title: Junior Creative/Awesome Motion Graphics Artist

Department: Publishing Services

Location: NYC

Link: https://boards.greenhouse.io/gawkermedia/jobs/61699?t=u7bpev#.VbT0EflVhBc


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