If you are about to attend college, you may want to read this before you take out those student loans! #GMN #CubanKnowsBest

Image Credits: http://favobooks.com/

So I know this article is old, but it still holds relevance to what is happening with college institutions around the U.S. today! We can all agree that college has really become a HUGE MONEY MAKING BUSINESS that has really put a hefty price tag on a college education. So why is this happening? The truth is “their primary revenue source tuition, once a number that was never really questioned is becoming a value decision by prospective students”. We are beginning to see schools state and federal funding decline because they are taking on debt to pay for new facilities.

For example,

“You can’t go to a big state university and not see construction. Why ?

Why in the world are schools building new buildings ? What is required in a business school classroom that is any different from the classroom for psychology or sociology or english or any other number of classes ? A new library, seriously ? What is worse is that schools are taking on debt to pay for this new construction”. -Mark Cuban

So the next time, you pass by a college institution and you see new buildings being put up just know that they are in deep TROUBLE and you should probably steer clear! Now I am not saying you should NOT go to college because for one reason, college broadens your mind and helps facilitates a new set of ideas! All I am saying is go to a college that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg so you wont have to worry about paying back $50,000 worth of student loan debt!




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