Is It Ever Okay To Work For Free In Order To Get The Exposure And/Or Experience? #GMN #Fusion

Image by Elena Scotti/FUSION

Lets start by asking the broader question and I’ll try to keep this as short as possible: Should millennials work for free in order to gain exposure/experience? My answer is kind of in the middle between yes and no. The reason is because you gain experience and exposure which is EXACTLY what the employers are looking for, the negative side to that is the employer could take advantage of you…WHY? Because YOU ARE WORKING FOR THEM FOR FREE! For millennials, it is VERY HARD to find a FT job in today’s economy, if you haven’t done at least one or two internships or had at least one year experience prior to graduation, your chances of getting hired are slim. It puts us, in this never ending cycle of rejection from every job we are qualified for from employers and its not something we’re happy about!

The only advice I can give you guys is this, if you are planning to do an internship or any job for that matter whether its paid or unpaid, don’t be afraid to ask the employer everything you need to know about the job also it doesn’t hurt to do research on the company as well since they are doing background checks on you, the INTERVIEWEE! If something doesn’t smell right, decline the job offer, its that simple, NOBODY should have to work for somebody for free, NO MATTER HOW NOTORIOUS the company is and be taken advantage of and I mean NOBODY! My only hope is that something is done about this because Its not the future that we were expecting, but DEFINITELY not the one we deserve!

What do you guys think? Should you work for free to gain the exposure and experience you need to work in today’s economy?  Sound off on the comment section down below!

For more information on Internships Under The Fair Labor Standards Act, visit the following link down below:

Source: Is it possible to work for free without being exploited?


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