Millennials You Need To Know That College Is Driven By Speculation Which Is Not Looking Good For Your ROI! #YourRantForToday #GMN #BusinessInsider


It's Time To Admit College Is Driven By Speculation -- Not Investment

Image By Business Insider

So lets face it, college has not turned out to be the investment we all hoped for in today’s economy,  but more of a speculation in the long run. Before you jump down my throat, let me explain. Like our predecessors in the past, they urge us young people to take out an INSANELY amount of money with some PowerPoint slides and statistics displaying a college degree paying itself over a lifetime. This way of thinking is outdated and inefficient because if any of you watch and/or read the news, you know EXACTLY why jobs are so hard to come by these days!  To rely on their data, is to come to the conclusion that a degree is an investment that gives you a small return on your investment. NOT THE CASE!

Millennials need to realize that “employers care more about what you can do than about what you claim” -Zachary Slayback For example, if you’re good at something , try capitalizing on that towards the employer. Your credentials DOES NOT hold the weight that it used to in the past. Spend your time thinking and building new ways to help improve a problem that could be occurring within an organization or throughout the world which can help you form a stronger investment than your peers! #EndRant



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