What Brilliant Minds We Have At Goldman Sachs Regarding Our College Degrees Not Being Worth The Price Tag #YourRantForToday

College Debt Goldman Sachs

Image By Shutterstock

As we all know already,  college degrees do not hold the weight that they used to in the past and its putting millennials in a NEVER ENDING cycle of debt!! Some millennials not all, end up working in the retail & food sector that basically pays $9 an hour depending on what state you live in, which is not enough for us to pay off our student loans!!! Why do you think everyone is demanding $15 an hour all over the news? They are all trying to SURVIVE! SMDH! Rising tuition costs and the drop in salary for new college grads should be sending red flags to everyone out there that our economy is not looking good for the near future unless we act NOW! :/

Keep in mind Goldman Sachs are the same people that were apart of the 2008 financial crisis that pretty much brought the economy down to its knees, just let that marinate for a minute or two…

Source: http://coed.com/2015/12/09/goldman-sachs-college-price-tag-falling-wages-details/


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