Attn: All UCLA & Non UCLa Students If You Are Looking To Meet With New & Exciting People In The Magazine Industry Then #ED2010 Is The Networking Event That You Need To Check Out!

Image Credits: LaurenBerger/InternQueen/ED2010/Linkedin/IrisGoldsztajn

Who post it: Iris Goldsztajn (Editorial Intern at C California Style & Co-Founder & Co-President — Ed2010 at UCLA)

Linkedin Profile:

Moderator: Lauren Berger (Founder/CEO, Intern Queen Inc. ( & Internship and Career Expert, Author, Speaker)

Linked Profile:

Event Info./Message From Iris: “Are you interested in the magazine industry? Do you want to learn new career skills and network with top professionals? Come out to at UCLA’s publishing panel and networking night, moderated by Lauren Berger, next Tuesday on campus! Non-UCLA students are welcome and we hope to see you there”. -Iris Goldsztajn



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