Next In Line For Student Loan Cancellation? Law School Grads! #YOURRANTFORTODAY #GMN

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Karma is a bitch! We all knew where this was going and now Law Schools are feeling the heat! It just goes to show you that in REALITY your degree is not as valuable as it once was…not to say college isn’t important but to realize that YOU are not the only one graduating with the SAME degree as everyone else is in the world! College institutions have been taking advantage of students ever since the 2008 financial crisis and now we’re beginning to see them reap the benefits. Colleges displaying misleading claims about job prospects is not only a new low but it is also a HUGE disappointment to see only a FEW college graduates actually get hired in the field that they want to go into! If this doesn’t piss you off then I don’t know what will.. but the truth of the matter is that for-profit colleges are not in it for the education anymore… It’s all about the MONEY! All I’m saying is why don’t we just cancel everyone’s student loan debt OR better yet implement/enforce a money-back guarantee program for college students who cannot find a job within a year! #EndRant #BrokenEducationSystem



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