Millennials Are Now A Doomed Generation Since We Are Highly Educated, But Get Paid Like S**T #GMN #YourRantForToday

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This is really depressing to read since baby boomers pretty much f**ked up our financial future for us! I honestly HATE the fact that they are STILL calling us self entitled, lazy, selfish, and all these other things when THEY were the generation that created every single problem that led us up to this day! At this point we’ll probably never save up  enough to retire cause guess what? Good old Sallie Mae will need every little penny you have in order for you to pay off your student loan debt! The gap between living comfortably and poverty is REAL people and its frustrating as hell. I don’t know why baby boomers can’t admit to us and say hey we lied to you guys just like every other kid out there and we’re sorry because OBVIOUSLY going to school and getting a job in today’s job market is not enough to live comfortably like it was 40 – 50 years ago. Must have been REALLY nice to maintain a lucrative career back  in the day, but hey I’ll never know what that would be like since I’m just a lazy, self-entitled, & selfish millennial with no way of ever achieving the American Dream. Thank you capitalism! >:^( #EnoughIsEnough #Reality #GoingBackwards #TheStruggleIsReal #DoomedGeneration



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