A Contract Coordinator Opportunity Just Opened Up At ESPN! Check Out It Out Down Below!


Image Credits: jimmyv.org/ESPN


Who Post It: Cj Masopust (Sr. Tech Recruiter -The Walt Disney Company @CjMasopust)

LinkedIn Profile: http://bit.ly/2dA0Zpa

General Info. About The Contract Coordinator Position: “The ESPN Talent Acquisition Team (we’re a fun bunch!!) is looking for a Contract Coordinator! You’ll get to schedule interviews for the World Wide Leader while helping the team lead the way with providing a stellar candidate experience. The position will be at our ESPN HQ here in Bristol CT. Message me with interest. :)” – Cj Masopust (Sr. Tech Recruiter -The Walt Disney Company)

Company: ESPN (The Walt Disney Company)

Title: Contract Coordinator

Link: To access this link, sign in with your Linkedin Profile to get more info.: www.linkedin.com/hp/update/6190527578479030272

Please Note: Job posting does not indicate how many years of experience, but it does not hurt to try!! 

For early-career opportunities with ESPN, please follow the link down below:



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