So That’s What Thor Has Been Up To All This Time During Captain America: Civil War

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That moment you realize when your friends leave you hanging…HA! jokes on you! 🙂 but to be completely honest I don’t  think anyone would be a match against a demigod…well maybe The Hulk 😉



This Captain America Civil War Budget Trailer Has More Production Value Than Any Other Trailer Out There

Video Credits: Matthew Potter/YouTube

I almost fell off my chair watching Black Panther make his debut and don’t even get me started on Bucky riding that bike lol


WATCH: Ant-Man Get Starstruck By Captain America For The First Time While Vision Wears A Nice Comfy Sweater During Tony’s & Steve’s Heated Debate


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Video Credits:

Every comicbook character that you know and love are all coming together in one EPIC movie! It really is a good time to be alive! 🙂

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