Want A Chance To Explore The World Of Book Publishing? Check Out The Simon & Schuster Spring Internship Program Down Below!

Company: Simon & Schuster (CBS Corporation)


Link: https://cbs.avature.net/cbssscareers/JobDetail/Simon-Schuster-Spring-Internship-Program/12471 


For more early-career opportunities with Simon & Schuster, please follow the link down below: https://cbs.avature.net/cbssscareers/SearchJobs

Big Fan Of The Big Bang Theory & Supergirl? So Why Not Work For The Company That Produces Those Hit Shows & Many More? Check Out These Awesome Opportunities At CBS! Go On Now, Build Up That Résumé!

Image Credits: CBS/themarysue.com

Company: CBS Television Distribution

Title: Summer 2016 TV Publicity Internship

Department: Media Relations

Location: Santa Monica, California

REF#: 24653

Link: http://bit.ly/1MjLUF0


Company: CBS Radio

Title: Traffic Assistant

Department: CBS Radio Chicago Traffic and INET

Location: Chicago, Illinois

REF#:  24367

Link: http://bit.ly/1UzI25n


Company: CBS Television Stations

Title: News Apprenticeship – 2016

Department:  News

Location: Studio City, California

REF#: 24639

Link: http://bit.ly/1ReoC2g

For more early career opportunities with CBS, please follow the link down below: http://bit.ly/1pw7trn

New Promo Art Of Supergirl & The Flash Colliding Together For One Epic Superhero Event That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind! #‎SupergirlXTheFlash

Image Credits: CBS/Supergirl/The CW/The Flash

I ABSOLUTELY love both shows and I cannot tell you how SUPER EXCITED I am for this crossover between #theflash & #Supergirl ! P.S. I think the Flash would be able to outrun Supergirl just because Superman/Clark Kent was not able to outrun him in Smallville; if anyone has watched the show you know what I am talking about! 🙂

Source: on.fb.me/223Onaq