The Reason Why Millennials Still Live With Their Parents #YourRantForToday #GMN

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As a millennial, I HATE the fact that we are buried under SO MUCH student loan debt WHILE also working a full time job that pays very little for us to survive in this harsh economy! Open your eyes and look around you and see that its not a debt or spending problem, but a INCOME issue. For being the generation that is highly educated our ability to have financial freedom has become really difficult to achieve. WHY?!?!? Well because college degrees are becoming less valuable in a job market that is still recovering from the 2008 financial crisis that our previous generation had NEARLY destroyed in both the U.S. & World market. SMDH Good Job! So anyways you’re probably wondering well what can I do to get myself out of this situation? Very simple. Just FOLLOW THE MONEY and THE OPPORTUNITIES.

If you are one of those people who are looking for that ONE perfect job then you are wasting your time. You have to be open to the multiple opportunities that are out there because you will NEVER know where those opportunities will lead you next…. quite possibly your “dream job”. Instead take a different route. While job hunting, treat it as if you were selling yourself to a potential client or employer. It will enable you to break out of your comfort zone and seize a life changing career opportunity that will help you to become better equipped for today’s & tomorrow’s workforce. In addition, attend networking events with your fellow millennials! Meeting new and exciting people in the industry that you want to establish yourself in and are passionate about is a great way to learn more about your industry while also finding a great early career opportunity that will change your life forever! And lastly, always remember YOU are the CEO of you’re own life/career. DO NOT follow the status quo, always make new connections, create wealth for yourself, and most importantly CARPE DIEM! #EndRant


Lets Not Ignore The REAL PROBLEM With Higher Education & Job Prospects #GMN #YourRantForToday

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So this is RIDICULOUS! Clark Moffatt, who is 35 yrs old, dreamed of a career in criminal justice. He followed the traditional route, gained more education, and right now is buried with over $170,000 worth of student loan debt! Did I also mention he is currently not able to find work in the legal field after searching for YEARS?! Now you could make the argument that it was his fault for not being unable to pass either the Texas or California bar exams, which would make him not licensed/qualified to even practice law, but that was because “Thomas Jefferson School Of Law in-house bar-preparation service did not prepare him well enough to take the bar exam”. – Clark Moffatt

This should be a WAKE UP CALL to ALL millennials out there who have a degree, but cannot find a job in the field they study for in school. Colleges are getting way overpriced and its not making adult life any easier on us! The root of the problem is price gouging, aggressive recruitment, & false reporting of post-graduation employment! Colleges need to establish a money-back guarantee program just in case if the graduate cannot find a job within a year, their school would refund a percentage of their tuition right back to them! Its not okay to get a degree with a MASSIVE AMOUNT of debt hanging on your shoulders while also not being able to find a good job to support yourself! Its just ludicrous! #EndRant


If you are about to attend college, you may want to read this before you take out those student loans! #GMN #CubanKnowsBest

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So I know this article is old, but it still holds relevance to what is happening with college institutions around the U.S. today! We can all agree that college has really become a HUGE MONEY MAKING BUSINESS that has really put a hefty price tag on a college education. So why is this happening? The truth is “their primary revenue source tuition, once a number that was never really questioned is becoming a value decision by prospective students”. We are beginning to see schools state and federal funding decline because they are taking on debt to pay for new facilities.

For example,

“You can’t go to a big state university and not see construction. Why ?

Why in the world are schools building new buildings ? What is required in a business school classroom that is any different from the classroom for psychology or sociology or english or any other number of classes ? A new library, seriously ? What is worse is that schools are taking on debt to pay for this new construction”. -Mark Cuban

So the next time, you pass by a college institution and you see new buildings being put up just know that they are in deep TROUBLE and you should probably steer clear! Now I am not saying you should NOT go to college because for one reason, college broadens your mind and helps facilitates a new set of ideas! All I am saying is go to a college that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg so you wont have to worry about paying back $50,000 worth of student loan debt!


The reality is College isn’t for everyone, but I do love the enthusiasm and forward thinking people around this plan!

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Andrea’s story is definitely inspiring and sheds some light on why higher education is essential for people who want to succeed in the workforce. The downside to obtaining a college degree these days is that it has gotten OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive after the economic recession, which has allowed Americans to either drop out of college and gain real world experience, start their own business, or not attend college at all. Don’t get me wrong, some people can really thrive with a college degree under their belt….IN THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE, but others are more likely to struggle without having some sort of credential that employers value in today’s society. President Obama’s America’s College Promise plan to make two years of community college free for students is a good step towards helping adult learners return to finish a degree, but we need to keep in mind that college IS NOT for everyone. Also, if community college is going to be free, who is going to pay for it? #QuestionEverything


White House America’s College Promise Proposal (Fact Sheet) 

I wish this was available before I started college hunting….. #FreeCollege #LJFamFoundation



Thanks Lebron for making it easier for students to attend college! Like many of you already know, college isn’t realistic for many and some just plain out don’t want to go, which is understandable given the cost and the invaluable experience that can be learned outside of an educational institution. Its comforting to see athletes making a difference by providing free education for those who cannot afford one so kudos to King James for being the change within children and young adults who aspire to make a difference in the world! #Cheers #Kudos


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