Jimmy Kimmel Is Doing The Lord’s Work By Dropping The World Premiere Trailer For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Video Credits: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube/Marvel Studios

I think we can all say that we cannot wait to see baby groot kick so much ass in this movie lol

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The World Premiere Trailer Of ‘Doctor Strange’ Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Video Credits: Jimmy Kimmel Live/Doctor Strange/Marvel

Anyone else get an inception feel about this trailer? Either way this movie is going to be AWESOME!

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Jimmy Kimmel Crashes The Party In This Deleted Scene From Batman v Superman

Video Credits: Nerdist/JimmyKimmelLive

I hope they put this “deleted scene” on Blu-Ray!

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Jimmy Kimmel Is Back At It Again With Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets, Only This Time Its Movie Edition..Enjoy!

Video Credits: Jimmy Kimmel Live/Mashable

I don’t know how these celebrities maintain their composure by reading all those mean tweets!

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Hoverboard Zombies Are No Match For Norman Reedus In This Walking Dead Parody

Video Credits: Jimmy Kimmel Live

SPOILER ALERT! Daryl gets his crossbow back!

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