Kylo Ren AKA Matt Becomes The Undercover Boss To Find Out What His Stormtroopers Really Think About Him

Video Credit: Saturday Night Live

I’m 90% sure this SNL skit is the best one of the night! 



Adam Driver AKA Kylo Ren Grabs A Bite To Eat With Kate McKinnon While Wielding The Crossguard Lightsaber…Honestly, What Could Go Wrong?

Video Credits: Saturday Night Live/Nerdist

Luke should be standing behind the diner and not say a word…..;)


Emo Kylo Ren Has His Own Twitter Page And Its Probably One Of The Best Parody Accounts Ever

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Probably one of the BEST parody accounts out there and he’s ONLY following Hot Topic & Darth Vader! Classic Kylo. XD #TheForceAwakens

Emo Kylo Ren’s Twitter Page: