Okay I lied It Does Get Better Than This! The CW Lineup Is Looking Super Duper Awesome Right Now For The 2016 Fall Season #SDCC

Video Credits: The CW Television Network

Video Credits: The CW Television Network



Video Credits: The CW Television Network


Video Credits: The CW Television Network

Since the timeline is all messed up….thanks to Barry lol, who else loved that line at the end of The Flash Season 3 trailer? I know I did!! Hope is all grown up and she finally SPEAKS on the Originals!! YAY! Oliver is back at it again… only this time, he’s taking vigilantes off the streets and training them into heroes!! And Lastly, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, with Captain Cold gone, a new ally comes on behalf of the JSA. Thats right you heard me, the Justice Society Of America! Booyah!


The Flash Season 3 Source: http://bit.ly/2amivtX

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow  Season 2 Source: http://bit.ly/2a6yxJh

Arrow Season 5 Source: http://bit.ly/2aabyhG

The Originals Season 4 Source: http://bit.ly/2a3Mfj5

New Promo Art Of Supergirl & The Flash Colliding Together For One Epic Superhero Event That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind! #‎SupergirlXTheFlash

Image Credits: CBS/Supergirl/The CW/The Flash

I ABSOLUTELY love both shows and I cannot tell you how SUPER EXCITED I am for this crossover between #theflash & #Supergirl ! P.S. I think the Flash would be able to outrun Supergirl just because Superman/Clark Kent was not able to outrun him in Smallville; if anyone has watched the show you know what I am talking about! 🙂

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The CW Never Disappoints In These New Images Of Killer Frost & The Return Of Ronnie Raymond AKA Deathstorm In Season 2 Of #TheFlash

Image Credits: Entertainment Weekly/ScreenRant/TheCW

I can already tell that season 2 of The Flash is going to be insanely AWESOME especially since we get to see the introduction of Deathstorm aka Ronnie Raymond & Killer Frost aka Caitlin Snow from Earth 2!

Source: http://bit.ly/1NebdBM