Today Is Great Day To Be A Nerd, Check Out Some Of The Highlights From #SDCC2018 Down Below! You Won’t Be Disappointed! :)

Video Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube

Video Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube

Video Credits: Universal Pictures/YouTube

Video Credits:

Video Credits: The CW Television Network/YouTube

Video Credits: AMC/YouTube

Looks like everyone is stepping in the right direction with these trailers! 🙂


Glass Trailer Source:

SHAZAM! Trailer Source:

Aquaman Trailer Source:

Legacies Trailer Source:

Fantastic Beasts 2 Trailer Source:

The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer Source:




Seriously Geeking Out On All Of The Awesome Movie & TV Trailers That Were Dropped During #SDCC This Weekend!! Check Out Some Of Them Down Below!

Video Credits: Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

Video Credits: Netflix/YouTube

Video Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube

Video Credits: amc/Youtube

Video Credits: Warner Bros. UK/YouTube

Video Credits: The CW Television Network/YouTube

Video Credits: The CW Television Network/YouTube

Video Credits: Netflix/YouTube

Video Credits: The Gifted/YouTube

Video Credits: Lucifer/YouTube

Video Credits: The CW Television Network/YouTube

Video Credits: Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

With the amount of AWESOME trailers dropping at SDCC this weekend , I can honestly say that I am SUPER excited for all these shows! Obviously, there are many other movie & TV trailers out there that I missed from SDCC, but these were the ones that stood out for me personally. Now I know what you’re thinking…where the hell is that damn AVENGERS: INFINITY WARS trailer?! Your guess is as good as mine! @MarvelStudios needs to stop playing with our emotions and just release the damn trailer! I mean we already have people leaking it all over the Internet and then have it mysteriously taken down right after by “The Mouse” himself lol

What were some of your favorite highlights from #SDCC2017 so far? Sound off in the comment section down below!

Thor: Ragnarok Official SDCC Trailer Source:

Stranger Things Season 2 SDCC  Trailer Source:

Justice League SDCC Trailer #2 Source:

The Walking Dead Season 8 Official SDCC Trailer Source:

Ready Player One Teaser SDCC  Trailer Source:

The Originals Season 5 SDCC Trailer Source:

The Flash Season 4 SDCC Trailer Source:

The Defenders SDCC Trailer Source:

The Gifted SDCC Trailer Source:

Lucifer Season 3 SDCC Trailer Source:

The 100 SDCC Trailer Source:

MARVEL’S INHUMANS SDCC Official Trailer Source:

Dave Chappelle Brings Back Some Memorable Characters From The Chappelle Show While Also Delivering A Powerful Monologue On SNL

Video Credits: Saturday Night Live /YouTube

Video Credits: Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Andddddddddd….. this is why Dave Chappelle is on my list of Favorite Comedians Of All Time! #BringBackTheChappelle

Walking Dead Chappelle SNL Skit Source:

Dave Chappelle’s Monologue On SNL Source:

So Many Emotions Going On Right Now In The Walking Dead Season 7 & Fear The Walking Dead Official Trailers #SDCC

Video Credits: amc/Youtube

Video Credits: amc/Youtube

I hope Jeffrey Dean Morgan is ready for all that hate mail because this season is going to get REALLY emotional!

Fear The Walking Dead Source:

The Walking Dead Source:

WATCH: Norman Reedus Prank Andrew Lincoln By Filling His Car Full Of Glitter #UltimatePrankster #TWD

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Glitter attack successful 😎

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Video Credits: Norma Reedus

One day Andrew Lincoln will get his REVENGE……ONE DAY!! XD