This Student Is The Real MVP After Making Impossible Shot In Chemistry Class

Video Credits: Twitter/Rachel Brown

What a great way to start the semester on a high note XD


Didn’t Expect This To Happen At All But Apparently Ghost Rider Will Be Seeking Vengeance On Marvel’s Agents Of Shield This Fall

Image Credits: Twitter/Agents of Shield/Marvel/ABC

Does else anyone feel like Ghost Rider should have its on show on Netflix or something? Or is it just me?

Check out the teaser to Ghost Ride down below on the EW:

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Looking For Internships This Spring/Summer? Well CNN Has Got Your Back! Follow Link Down Below & As Always Happy Hunting!

Image Credit: Twitter/CNN Recruiters

CNN has posted a PLETHORA of internship opportunities on their twitter page @The CNN Recruiters ! Click on the link to find early career opportunities at CNN down below!

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Emo Kylo Ren Has His Own Twitter Page And Its Probably One Of The Best Parody Accounts Ever

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Probably one of the BEST parody accounts out there and he’s ONLY following Hot Topic & Darth Vader! Classic Kylo. XD #TheForceAwakens

Emo Kylo Ren’s Twitter Page: