This Guy Is Absolutely Brilliant For Taking Fake Book Covers On The Subway While People React

Video Credits: The Chortle/Z100

Now that’s how you prank people! ūüôā



Instantly Feel Better Knowing That This Guy Got What He Deserved For Speeding Down A Parking Lane

Video Credits: Z100/xSupaD

This guy deserved everything he had coming to him for driving on the wrong side of the road!


Starbucks Cashier Gets Called Out By Customer Who Stole Her Credit Card Information

Video Credit: Z100/wirepressagency

And donkey of the day goes to ::drumroll:: this Starbucks Drive-Thru Cashier! Honestly no matter how bad you need money, you don’t steal someone else’s credit card info.! THAT’S IDENTITY THEFT! SMDH!